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The International Rhino Foundation is non-profit charity organization that is dedicated to wildlife conservation, especially to the five species of RHINOS. Although the headquarters is located in Fort Worth, Texas, the organization makes a global impact by

  • Focusing on scientific research
  • Anti-poaching
  • Habitat conservation
  • Captive breeding
  • Environmental education
  • Demand reduction

The International Rhino Foundation was created in 1989 by concerned individuals. This group of international indivduals wanted to stop poaching and conserve Rhinos.

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A SAVE THE RHINO SONG Chipembere Rhino Song

Rhino Poaching Statistics

Poaching is extremely harmful to the rhino species. Many poachers kill rhinos just to take the horns. This has been the main cause for Rhino poaching since its roots.
WARNING: The Real Face Of Rhino Poaching

Rhino poaching has led to a significant population decrease and the Rhino species have become labeled as ENDANGERED.

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1.) Stopped poaching up to 90% since 1989

2.) Work to educate local communities globally (Asia, Africa, U.S.)

3.) Funded in-situ and ex-situ conservations

4.) Contributed over $20 million to Rhino Conservation in 10 different countries

5.) Trained thousands of dedicated Rangers and Task Forces to protection

Rhino Dog Squad - Meet the rhinos' new best friends

Conservation and Education are Key to Survival!

Hard Work, Partnership, Passion, and Optomism are our Core Values at the heart of everything we do.

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