how do you become a knight

a knight began his traing at age 7 he stared as a page and learnd how to fi ght with weapons and ride a horse.when a page turned 15 he became a squire and would help a knight when a squire proved himseif a good fight he could become a knight.

Where do knights live?

Where do knights live?

Knights lived in the castles with the kings. They faced harsh conditions throughout the year. Knights had to deal with freezing temperatures and battle the elements. Rowdy soldiers who also lived in the castles were a distraction, flaming hot kitchens, drawbridges which rose unexpectedly, and also fast falling portcullis were some of the drawbacks of castle life.

Although castles were very stylish, living in them was not always a pleasant experience. Knights were allowed to bring family to live with them in their small rooms/apartments. Noisy, fiery forges and /or dismal dungeons were often the place that knights and soldiers called home. The castles did not have a sophisticated sewage system like we do today so occasionally the castle would smell terrible. Castle life was very neat and luxurious but also rough.

What is the job of a knight?

The Knights job in the Middle Ages centred around enhancing their Knightly skills in the use of weapons, horsemanship and medieval warfare. The sons of Nobles, except those who were destined to take Holy Orders, were placed in the service of the great Lords of the land. These sons of the Middle Ages nobles were sent to live in the castle of their liege lord and commence their education and learn the skills required as a Knight. The Middles Ages castles served as 'Knight School!' Strict Codes of Conduct dictated the life of a Knight during the Middle Ages and the strict etiquette of their everyday life revolved around the Code of Chivalry, courtly manners and courtly love. A knight would start their life in a castle as a Page and then move up to the role of a Squire.