Falcon Ridge Family Updates

August 24, 2020

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School Begins Remotely This Week!

  • First day of school (remote) is Wednesday, August 26th
  • Watch for communication from your child's teacher(s) for details
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Coming Events

  • August 24th Virtual Back to School Night Rocks! available at falconridgecharter.org
  • August 24th-25th 3rd through 8th grade materials pick-up
  • August 26th-28th Kindergarten through 2nd grade materials pick-up by appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We work outside the home during the day. Will my child be required to log in and attend classes at a specific time?

A: No. In addition to providing opportunities for synchronous learning, teachers will record lessons, instructions, and Google Meets so that students may log in at another time during the day.

Q: We do not want our child to spend their entire day on a screen. Will students be required to be on the computer for all learning?

A: No they will not. Elementary teachers will use a mix of lessons and learning activities for children to learn at home. Middle school teachers have designed online learning with the addition of text book assignments, projects, and other learning opportunities that are not on the computer. Check out the remote/online handbook for more information.

Q: How long will school continue remotely?

A: We will reevaluate Covid community spread based on updates from Central District Health during the week of September 9th. Any changes such as transitioning to hybrid instruction will be announced by Friday, September 11th.

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