Arthropod: Arizona Bark Scorpion

By: Seth Upton

Scientific Name: Centruroides Sculpturatus

Normal Habitat: Biome Type

Biome: They generally live in desert regions. They tend to live in hot sand and shade during the day.

Geographical Location: They are found in the Southwest region of the U.S And Mexico

Body Shape and Description

Body Size: The Arizona Bark Scorpion can range anywhere from to 2 to 3

Description: They are a very light color so that they blend in well to the various desert elements. They have a very long tail and limbs. They have an exoskeleton.

Feeding Habits

They diet consists of roaches, crickets, and beetles.

They are very opportunistic and will feast on anything they can

Life Cycle

They have a gestation period of several months, born live and are guided on they're mothers back

The female usually gives birth to about 25 to 35 young

Arizona Bark Scorpions usually live about 6 years