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Modified... Huckleberry Finn in Cyberspace My Way Scenario 1

  • Digital Collaboration group Journal = goal setting, job assignments, shared responsibilities, included in overall group rubric
  • Writing Elements: Collaborative components: Use of Lucid Chart or (Google apps) to brainstorm one of the themes from Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and connect to modern contexts. Include references to text.
  • Writing Elements: Individual Component: Students take the group chosen theme and connect it to the creation of a personal narrative. Illustrates...What you interpret is not the same as what someone else interprets...
  • Digital Story: Storyboarding... Plan... Use of Web 2.0 Tool to map out story, could be Google Doc, Template created and provided to students; focus on elements of description and images.
  • Digital Story: Collaborative: Tools could include FlipSnack (Digital Flipbook), Voicethread, Storyjumper, Narrable, etc.

Modified... Huckleberry Finn in Cyberspace My Way Scenario 2

  • Writing Elements: Same as above; focus on application of writer's risks; collaborative and individual components
  • Take a theme from Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and create a modern story around that theme.
  • Collaborative Possibility: Eliminate the use of text and have students create a story that uses images and sound only through use of Web 2.0 tool. Share completed products with another group and have students each create their own speculative piece around what they were able to see and hear.
  • Share individual pieces and students comment on how they relate to one of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn's themes. Integrate reference to text. Tool = Blog or Padlet.

Modified... Eating for the Team My Way

  • Eating for the Wild: Use the idea of Food Web or Food chain. What are limiting Factors, predator and prey..
  • Eating for the Team: Have pictures of the food to poll the class on the better looking food.
  • Eating for the Team: Create the Ultimate on the Road Menu with the best looking and best for you food.
  • Eating for the Team: Compare different cultures authentic food..What culture has the healthiest food?
  • Eating for the Team: Only use two Fast Food Chains to compare all parts of the business, Burger King Vs. McDonalds..
  • Eating for the Team: Compare prices of food.. Is healthier food more expensive fatty food?
  • Eating for the Team: Find better web links to fast food joints...
  • Eating for the Team: Create a LibGuide that could house all the information for the students, hold them accountable for the project.


Working with your PLC, search through IDE Portal PBL Tasks and find one that tickles your fancy. Is there an idea, that could be utilized in your classes? Could it be adapted? If so, how? Remember, sharing is caring... Be prepared to.