Being a radio Broadcaster

If you want a career in this you would need thease skillsets

What kind of education do you need?

If you are seeking a job in the field of broadcasting you would need a diploma or a degree in brocast journalis. it would aslo help if you worked as an intern because you would have some form of experience. At an interview for a job in this field you would usally be asked to show a demo of your work showing the abilities you have.

How would you go about your day

in your average day as a broadcaster or announcer you would first start off by going down to the studio at the crack of dawn. You would get organized and then sit down in a booth and get ready to read on-air reports, maybe interview some famous celebrities, talk about the sports or the wheater, and maybe even talk about some up comming charitiey events. It all does depend on what radio you are speaking on.

Whats the workplace like

In a radio or tv studio the workplace tends to consist of many screens and carmeras/microphones arround a desk or table. There would be a large variety or people from technisions to computer specalists. In alot of jobs you would have to work late nights, weekends, and holidays. Most radio or tv studios would work inside but you may work outside the occasinal time. This work enviourment can be really stressfull as the hours are harsh but can also be a very enjoyable job as you would usually have a co-host that you can have a little fun with.

The pay scale

the pay can be good but it ultamitly depends on the type of job and the popularity of the show. The lower end of broadcaster make between $30,000 to $50,000 a year, but the higher end can make upwards to $100,000 or more. No matter what the pay is average and most broadcasters find their work worth it as they are making money doing what they enjoy and love.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages:Being a broadcaster can be very rewards as it can gain you popularity, its a fun and entertaining job, and it can be a decent to very good scale of pay depending on the job.Disadvantages:Although being a broadcaster can have its benifits it can also be a burden. The hours are harsh which can be stressfull on your body as well as your mind, you might not have time for other things you would like to do such as family or hobbies, and it can also be a bad pay scale that will make it harder to support yourself or your family.