Pregnancy and Birth

The Jouney For You and Your Baby

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The First Trimester

During the first trimester, you will experience many symptoms, these symptoms include;
  • Experienceing morning sickness
  • The need to urinate more
  • A heighned sense of smell
  • Your breasts will start swelling
  • Food cravings
But you will not be the only one experiencing changes, during the first trimester your soon to be baby will also be experiencing changes.
  • An amniotic sac will form around the fertilized egg
  • A placenta develops
  • The fetus will be 1/4 an inch by the 1st month
  • Buds of limbs form
  • By the end of the trimester the baby will be fully formed
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The Second Trimester

You are now past the first trimester. But, there are still more changes and symptoms to come such as;

  • Nose bleeds
  • More hair growth
  • Feeling breathlessness
  • Back aches
  • Start feeling signs of life
Along with you, the fetus in your uterus will also be changing and forming to look more human like. The fetus' changes in the second trimester include;

  • The fetus will be 6 inches long by the 4th month or the beggining of this trimester
  • Formation of eyelids,eyelashes,nails, and hair

  • Formation of reproductive organs
  • Fetus starts moving
  • By the end of the the 2nd trimester, the fetus will be able to survive if born prematurely

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The Third Trimester

You are now on the final trimester of your pregnancy. Becuase your fetus is close to being born and becoming a baby, your symptoms will still being more intense and frequent.

In the third trimester you will have changes such as;

  • Breast enlargements
  • Contractions
  • Growing Fatique
  • Intense dreams
  • Swollen Feet
Along with you, your fetus will also start experiencing drastic changes on his way to lood like a full human being. The changes will include;
  • Changing positions and kicking more
  • Full development of internal systems
  • Ability to see and hear
  • Will start recieving fat
  • By the 9th month, the fetus is 18-20 inches long and around seven pounds
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Words of Wisdom

While you are pregnant and are nurturing a human in your body, there are many things to stay away from and to not do. Make sure you;
  • Don't drink alcohol
  • Don't smoke
  • Stay away from dangerous chemicals
  • Don't do any illegal drugs
  • Avoid dangerous situations
On the contrary, there are many things you should do to have a healthy pregnancy.

These include;

  • Eating Healthy
  • Excercising
  • Taking routine check ups with your doctor
  • Being educated about pregnancy and child birth
  • Relaxing and staying stress free

Being Involved as a Father

As a father and the mother's partner, you can help the mother go through her pregnancy by going to her preconception adn prenatal visits and help her eat healthy and get exercise. The most important thing is supporting her through many of the things, she goes through throughout her pregnancy.

Stages of Birth

Throughout the pregnancy there are three stages of birth. Stage 1;dilation, Stage 2;labor,and stage 3;afterbirth.

In stage 1;dilation

  • the cervix opens and dilates to 10 cm
  • the mucus plug comes out
  • you will have contractions
In stage 2; labor

  • the baby is born vaginally through the vagina
  • Or the baby is born through c-section
In stage 3; after-birth

  • the placenta is delievered
  • the umbilical cord is cut