compare and contrast

reflection,absorption ,refraction and scattering

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Reflection definition

The throwing back by a body or surface of light,heat ,or sound without absorbing it.
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Absorption definition

In physics, absorption of electromagnetic radiation is the way in which the energy of a photon is taken up by matter, typically the electrons of an atom.
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refraction definition

The fact or phenomenon of light, radio waves, etc., being deflected in passing obliquely through the interface between one medium and another or through a medium of varying density.
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scattering definition

The process in which electromagnetic radiation or particles are deflected or diffused.

Statements comparing and contrasting

Reflection is throwing back not absorbing it like a mirror.Absorption is taking in the energy reflection does not but they both however is electromagnetic radiations.Refraction and scattering particles are deflected or diffused refraction deflects just as scattering through meduim

A real world example for reflection

Look in the mirror and the positioning of objects in the mirror you will see yourself or the object his self.

Real world example of absorption

wood is like a example.

real world example of refraction

diamond at a greater angle or water lesser angle

real world example of scattering

The earth that is why the sky is blue.