How to Begin Potty Training

BY: Olivia Foster

Signs of Readiness

-Your child can stay dry for at least 2 hours, and is usually dry when they wake from a nap

-Your child shows interest in using the potty and imitates family members using the potty

-Child can follow simple instructions

-Your child wants to change out of soiled diapers

-Child can undress themselves and walk to and from bathroom

-The child can sit still for several minutes at a time

-Child shows interest in wearing underwear not diapers

When your child shows these signs it is the optimal time to start potty training

Other Important Things to Know

Muscle control is important because the child will need to be able to sit on and rise from a toilet or potty chair, and be able to walk to and from the bathroom

It is important that your child can dress and undress themselves so they can get their pants off when they need to use the toilet

Bladder comes first since it is easier to do and control than bowel movements

Encouragement in Potty Training

Encouraging your child will make them want to use the potty, and if the parent has expectations the child will want to follow those. Parents can also bring another child over for their child to watch them potty.