Latin America Project

Erica Barreiro


Latin American music by aderandi92

What groups are involved?

Army and the wealthy





Who had the power?

At the begging of the game the Army and the wealthy held the power

By the end the peasants became the new gonvernment and the army/wealthy and guerrillas were killed off.

How the balance shit and why?

It went from the rich and proud in power to the poor and weak!

The Peasants took over the government.

This happened because the government made a deal with the guerrilas and the peasants to take out the army and the wealthy. They gave all of there MSU's to the guerrilas and then they took out the army but the USA was not pleased with that so with guerrilas in power the USA came in and killed them off and with peasants with the most votes they won the election.

How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game ?

Cooperation was shown when people made deals to take out a bigger competer or to make there self more powerful to make deals with the most powerful country in the nation.

Conflict occured when people would break tritty's go behind a groups back

And of course there was war!

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What role did the USA have.

The USA had no want to help anyone but the Army and the wealthy. They did not like the guerillas because we obiously wanted to take over the government we sided with Cuba and then they could not suport the government or the peasents because they where also sided with the guerillas.

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What happens to a country when power shifts? Is this negative or positive effect?

When the power shifts in a country it can be positive or negative. This is because it can make people angry and want them to kill and start war. Also the new ruler could destroy his people and the counry.

It can also be postive though because the new leader could fix the country, help his people and rebiuld!


Connflict occurs in my life when Im fighting with my brother for a seat or for food

Or when you get a bad grade and you agure that you deserve more

Cooperation occurs in my life when you make deals For example when I want something I will tell my mom ill clean my room if she buys it for me.

Or when you dont have enough money to buy soemthing but you and your friend put your money together to buy it and share.

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