Benjamin Franklin & James Armistead

By: Amaia Jefferson & Claire Beesaw

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin

Everyone should know about our Founding Father who flew a kite as an experiment ("Benjamin Franklin Timeline"). Mr.Franklin has done oodles of things involved in the American Revolution.
In Boston, Massachusetts, January 17, 1706 a baby boy was born into the world ("Cousin, Margaret, and Fritz Eichenbery). This boy, who was a child out of twenty kids, was Benjamin Franklin. Growing up, he began with electrical experiments and soon invented bifocals ("Benjamin Franklin Biography").

Historical Background

Besides a scientist, did you know he was a leader too? In 1749 Benjamin first started with politics ("Politics of Ben Franklin"). He was the leader of the Quaker Political Party ("Benjamin Franklin Biography"). He also had a variety of beliefs. Franklin wanted colonies to unite and people to take care of themselves ("Politics of Ben Franklin").

Historical Role

During the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin was in the 2nd Continental Congress. He helped write the Declaration of Independence and ended the Revolution by "negotiating the Treaty of Paris" ("Benjamin Franklin."). Finally, Benjamin Franklin made "Join or Die" which encouraged states to join together against England.
In conclusion, Benjamin Franklin was a very important man in history from 1706-1790. A man born in Boston who turned out to be a leader of the Quaker Political Party. A man with a variety of beliefs. Our Founding Father who helped write the Declaration of Independence was the reason why the American Revolution ended. Franklin soon died 6 years after the war had ended from an illness. Over 20,000 mourned him at the funeral. Benjamin Franklin has changed history. He played a major role too even though it wasn't through out the American Revolution.

By Amaia Jefferson

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James Armistead

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Random Facts

James Armistead was born in New County, Virginia in 1748 into a family of slaves. He wanted to get away from his lifestyle of being a slave and he eventually did just that. His full name is "James Armistead Lafayette." "Lafayette" was added to the rnd of his name to honor the military officer of the Continental Army "Marquis Lafayette."

The American Revolution

The American Revolution was between the colonies and the Britains. James was originally a spy for George Washington and the Continental Army. Later on, as the Britains began to trust him he became a "spy" for them too. However he was still loyal to the colonies. Lafayette, the Continental Army Officer, "misfed the British information" using Armistead.

The End of the War

James played a big role in helping win the battle of Yorktown which was the final battle of the revolution. The fact that he was a "double- agent" really helped pass information from one side to the other and made them able to give the Britains false information. The American won the war and their freedom from Britain. Five years later, James became a free man. He passed away six years after being freed in 1830.
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