Patricia McCormick

Main Characters

Lakshmi is a thirteen year old girl who lives in Nepal. She's very poor and wants to go work in the city to help out her poor family. The only thing stopping her is her mother who wants her to stay in school and get an education.
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The antagonist on this book would be her stepfather. He leaves the family for a few days and the family expects/hopes he comes back with something useful for them to sell or trade for money to get food or things that they need for a living.

Protagonist's Problem

Lakshmi wants to get her family out of the poverty state they are in. Her mother doesn't want her to leave because she'll be missing out on getting an education. Lakshmi's stepfather says she has to go work in the city, but what she doesn't realize is that she's not going to the city to work as a maid.

Protagonist Memorable Moment

Lakshmi's memorable moment would be the smell she smells when she would wake up when she was back home.

Protagonist Important Action

Lakshmi has so many questions regarding where she is, with who she's with and who's taking care of her. But she never asks because she doesn't want to upset anyone with her curiosity.

Antagonist Problem

Lakshmi's step father loses his belongings and realizes that they now have nothing to sell so instead he sells his step daughter (Lakshmi)

Antagonist Memorable Moment

He has been doing this for a very long time. So him trafficking young women isn't a surprise or hard for him. There are many men that he knows that do the same thing he is doing with Lakshmi.

Antagonist Important Action

The guy who is now Lakshmi's "husband" lies to her and brainwashes her. He tells her that thee people at the border are mean and bad people.

Other Characters

Lakshmi's mom and little brother and sister mean a lot to her. They are who she thinks about when she's away. Her mom is who she wants to make the most proud. Her mom taught her how to be polite around the people in the city and to show how hard working she is.

My impressions for the protagonist

The protagonist in this book is a very clueless person. She's very positive and hard working.

My impression of the protagonist

There is actually more than one protagonist in this story. What these three antagonist have in common is that they take advantage of a 13 year old girl who knows nothing.