A tsunami is a huge wave usually caused by an earthquake or a volcanic eruption. They start suddenly and can go 500 miles per hour the waves move fast in a chain. A tsunami can be dangerous to anything in its way. The waves move fast and don’t slow down and if it hits the land it does a lot of damage.          


Tsunamis can do a lot of damage when they reach land. This can include remove sand from beaches, destroy trees, toss and drag vehicles, damage houses, and even destroy whole towns. The Thailand Tsunami was on December 26, 2004. It wasn’t the biggest tsunami but it sure killed a lot of people. It killed 228,000.

Saftey plan

 If there is ever a Tsunami you should do the following. Get to higher ground, know this type of weather danger, plan a safety route. Also have a first aid kit, canned food, can opener, bottle water, battery radio, flashlight, protective clothes and instructions on how to turn off electricity gas and water.

Fascinating facts

The biggest Tsunami was on 1958 July 9. It was in Lituya Bay, Alaska and it was caused by an 8.3 magnitude earthquake. That earthquake caused a land slide of rock and ice. The wave was 516 meters tall 1,720 feet. The deadliest tsunami was in Asia 2004. The tsunami killed almost 230,000 people.


Over years tsunamis have becoming more frequent and tsunamis have been getting stronger and more destructive. The technology they use to sense tsunamis in the ocean is called DART (deep ocean assessment and reporting of Tsunamis) The DART system is made up of sensors buoys and satellites. The sensors sit on the ocean floor and record changes in the water pressure which signals a tsunami overhead. If people start taking care of the earth we will have less natural disasters such as tsunamis.