4th Grade Newsletter

November 16-20, 2015

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  • Friday, November 20th Thanksgiving Lunch at PSE!

Adult Meal costs $3.50 Make checks payable to PSE.

  • NEXT WEEK: We only have school Monday and Tuesday!

  • PSE Talent Show: Tuesday November 24th @ 1pm

  • Family Game Night: Tuesday, November 24th from 6-7:30 pm. Come and learn about how playing games at home can help your child with their literacy skills! A small snack will be provided!

Did you know?

Did you know... PSE is so fortunate to have members of the Nike Team from the Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass working with our kids?

On Mondays and Wednesdays a group of employees from Nike come and run an Elite Fitness Club for PSE! Several of our 4th graders participate!

So cool!

4th Grade and 1st Grade are reading buddies!

Mathematicians at work!

Last week we began our study of area and perimeter. Students had a blast designing their dream house and figuring up the area of the entire house (see pictures below).

Students were challenged when they had to figure out the area and perimeter of composite figures (a shape made up of several shapes).

FYI:This is our last week in our multiplication unit. Students will have a review packet for their homework this week. Our assessment will be Monday, November 23rd. It is SO IMPORTANT that they are studying math facts at home if they haven't mastered them yet.

Reading & Writing!

Your children are doing some phenomenal reading and writing work! We are in the middle of our weather unit and the kids are digging in as readers and writers. We are taking notes as we do a research project on various weather topics. We are using what we are learning in reading to write an informational piece in writing! The work they are doing is amazing!

As we are working on this nonfiction unit we would LOVE it if your child got to experience more nonfiction at home as well. Did you know that research says that children should read 50% fiction and 50% nonfiction. Think of the reading we do as adults. It is mostly nonfiction!

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We have started our next unit in science and our current focus is on fossils. We are discussing how fossils tell us stories from the past. The knowledge that they are gaining will serve as ground work as we move through this unit.

Please allow your children to be on the lookout for fossils, molds, imprints at home.

As cold weather approaches.... Sickness starts to spread! Please encourage handwashing!

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