3A: A Week at a Glance

week ending May 29, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Adams

Thank you for those of you who were able to come to Open House! I hope you enjoyed visiting! I plan to have

The Scholastic Summer Reading program has begun! Students should be reading and logging their minutes onto the Scholastic website. In order to receive a certificate at the beginning of next year, they must fill out the "Reading Log" yellow form that went home Wednesday, and also log their minutes throughout the summer. The top two readers (with the most minutes read) from each grade level will get to have a lunch date with Mr. Bissinger! Let the reading begin!!!

If you haven't had a chance to fill out my survey regarding third grade, please take a few minutes. It shouldn't take long at all! Thank you!


Just a reminder that we have a field trip to the Haddonfield Historical Society next Friday, June 5th. Please remember to bring a bag lunch and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Have a great weekend!

Health Barn Assembly

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Healthy Food is Good for You

BY: Jack T. & Giulia

Open house was a blast yesterday and we hope you thought so too! We had an awesome assembly on Wednesday and it was delicious! Okay seriously, we didn’t eat the assembly, but we did get to try some delicious veggies and fruits. They were fresh from the Health Barn and it was all free!

The Health Barn is a place where kids do fun activities and grow their own fruits and veggies. Cool right? They are really nice. Health Barn is just like a school but they learn about crops, foods and farm animals.

There were a lot of taste tests where the girl that owns health barn called up volunteers to taste mystery fruits. Fun right? You either had to do a thumbs up, 2 thumbs up, in the middle, thumbs down, or two thumbs down. After only a few people got to eat, everyone got to eat. There were trays with food piled on them at the tables around the APR. Boy it was delicious! We even got to taste the Rainbow swirly smoothie, which was so sweet and yummy! There were more peculiar foods we tasted like rice, soy and 1% milk. with sugar free rice cereal. Surprisingly, it was pretty good to most people. 3A had an awesome time at the assembly. We hope you enjoy!

Enjoy the video below of bits and pieces of our assembly.

Health Barn

Flower Power

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Flower Power

By: Jane Lynn, Meredith, & Keelan

Dear Parents,

In writing this week we worked on flower adjectives and similes. For example, a flower is as beautiful as a rainbow. Another example is the flower is as pretty as the moonlight gleaming in the dark night. We came up with some adjectives in class such as colorful, delicate, droopy and tall. Jane Lynn said, “It was tons of fun!” Meredith said, “There were a lot of similes!” Keelan said, “It was the best thing all week!” That’s all we have to say about the flower adjectives.

Magnificent iMovies

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Magnificent iMovies


This week in Mrs.Adams class we made some magnificent iMovies. To make the iMovie you have to get the app and get into it. First, you pick a movie or trailer. Then you pick theme music. After that, you think of what you want your movie to be about. Then you make pictures of the characters and actions. Then you watch the movie and enjoy!

We had fun making iMovies of our fairy tale stories that we wrote. We recorded ourselves reading our story, took pictures of our drawings, and created a story telling iMovie. It was fun! Then we created a QR code to be able to see the iMovie.



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Community Project

by Emily and Paige

This week we did our community project. We made a Prezi and a brochure about our communities. Mrs. Adams put us in groups to create a homemade community. We had to fill out a packet about our community! In our communities we had to have a town mayor. We also had a brochure to tell about our communities. It took a while of hardworking every day but this week we finally got to present our communities using Prezi! We got to choose between urban, suburban or rural for our community type. A lot of people chose suburban, but some people chose urban and one group choose rural. We had so much fun doing our communities project this year and it was so much fun we hope we can do it another time!!!

Check out our Prezi's below.