Green Party

"Go Green, It's The Right Thing"

General Statement

The Green Party is the formally organized political party based on the principles of green politics, and that they inherently related to each other as the basics to building word peace. A country or state may be labeled a green place if they address the environmental issues and try to make the world a little more peaceful all around. The Green Party is not all about the environment though, it is built on the structures nonviolence and social justice as guidelines for how things should be ran. Green Parties mainly exist in democratic countries around the world, built to help win elections mainly. As the Green Party, we have addressed the issues in the taxes, and education.


Ecological taxes, tax things like pollution, resource extraction and harmful products. End corporate welfare. Wealth tax enact a steeply progressive tax with no loopholes on anything over 2.5 million net wealth. Green Party supports balanced budget amendments which means the budget is balanced by not raising taxes. Individuals pay taxes on moral, religion, legal or consitutional grounds.


Equalize school funding with federal revenue sharing so that each school has equal resources and all the resources it needs to provide the highest quality of education. Reduce the classroom size to 15:1 have the school check the students health all grades including eyes, teeth, and general health. Tuition free higher education.