Girl doesn't attend football game

How will she ever live this one down?

Dallas, Texas - by Grayce Bateman

Martha is the girl that put her entire community and family to shame. She claims she was home sick with mono and that is why she couldn't come to the game on Friday. Who has the audacity to miss an iconic game? The overpowering smell of popcorn and underage drinking is what attracts everyone from the community. I mean football is the most important sport that has ever existed, right?!. Every Friday night, the town shuts down and heads to Bear's stadium so they can have the best 3 hours of their week. Volleyball games are also played on Friday nights which should be a crime against humanity because no sport is better than football. How dare another sport even THINK about having a game before or dare I say during a Bear's game! I mean the volleyball team has historically gone way further in the playoffs than the football team, but jokes on them because football still gets all the money and attention.