Massachusetts Bay Colony

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About the Massachusetts Bay Colony

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was founded in 1628 by the Puritans. People who came to the Massachusetts Bay were coming from England to escape persecution and find religious freedom. Several years earlier Plymouth was established by Pilgrim Separatists. Some major towns include Plymouth, Salem, Cambridge, and Boston.

Our Colony

The typical person in our colony is a Puritan who believes that we are the true Church of God. We number about 20,000 here in the Bay Colony, no slaves. We work on the docks, either fishing or shipbuilding. Some are in town trading things like furs. If you were a male and a member of the church, you could even vote. When the settlers first colonized Massachusetts the weather was terrible. The winter of 1620 nearly wiped us out. Later we had people who had to leave out community because of "heresy" and speaking out against the church. We also had a change of government after the Revolutionary War. Before we were a Royal Colony but now we are a Constitutional Republic.

Geographical Location/Climate

The Massachusetts Bay Colony is located on the northern part of the Massachusetts coast and further west. The plymouth colony is located right below it near Cape Cod. Some towns in the Bay Colony are Salem and Boston. During the winter it snows a lot and temperatures are very cold. The mountains in the western part of the Bay Colony affect the temperature as well.


Massachusetts was very industrial. Some of its industries include shipping, lumber, manufacturing, and trading. Ship building and fishing were very popular on the coasts and seaports. Fur trading, between themselves and the Natives, was also very profitable.

Pre and Post American Revolution

Our colony was part of the Boston Tea Party that rebelled against the British taxes. The Boston Massacre and the Concord-Lexington Outbreak were some serious battles that took place in Massachusetts. Paul Revere and his ride through the town was a big moment in the colony. John Hancock and many others discussed the Constitution and its signing. Some of our presidents include John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Calvin Coolidge, and John F. Kennedy.

Primary Source: Mayflower Compact

Fun Fact

Did you know that defacing a carton of milk was charged with a fine of $10?