Fulton Focus

For the parents and patrons of the Fulton School District

January 27, 2020

A message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Patrons,

WOW, it's been an interesting winter with the recent snow and ice and yes, I am frustrated with the days out of school! Calling off school is not taken lightly and I am significantly influenced by the weather on December 16, 2016. On that date, the weather forecast was similar to Friday, January 17, 2020. The similarities were light sleet turning to snow and then turning back to rain; however, on December 16 the forecasts of above freezing temperatures were wrong, the temperature dropped with the rain turning to ice! As a result of the drastic temperature change, Fulton buses did not complete routes until about 10:30 p.m. that evening, all children were safe, but many missed dinner. Only one bus was laid on its side in a culvert, yet several were abandoned for retrieval when roads were clear. Kudos for that day went to bus drivers and numerous unidentified parents/patrons with ATVs retrieving students from abandoned buses and delivering them to safety. Hence, my faith in the forecast is significantly diminished.

For January 17, 2020, the forecast was similar to December 16, 2016, but with borderline to below freezing temperatures. Fortunately, the forecast was incorrect as temperatures increased causing only rain. In this instance canceling school was unnecessary, yet safe for our kids and staff.

Determining the status of school in inclement weather remains challenging. Factors when considering school cancellation: status of paved and gravel roads; status of state-maintained roads; the ability to clear FPS parking lots and sidewalks so they are reasonably free of ice and snow; work schedules of city, county and state highway crews; and various national and commercial weather forecasting. Our objective is student safety, yet the actual decision remains a guessing game.

While kids have remained safe, time off also breaks routines for students, families, and faculty. Please work with your student(s) to regain consistent sleep and eating schedules. Both factors generally contribute to positive student behavior and academic achievement.

Another developing issue we are monitoring is the Novel Coronavirus. Much is in the public news media about this virus, its cause, and spread. Mrs. Lauren Jacobs, FPS Director of Health Services, has contacted local and state Health Departments. As of 10:00 a.m. Monday, January 27, 2020, there are no known cases of the virus in Missouri. However, due to human contact cases are expected to develop. At FPS, we are continuing to be vigilant in encouraging good hand hygiene for all students, with special emphasis on elementary training; encouraging ill students and staff to stay home, and continually disinfecting common objects. Please encourage good personal hygiene habits in your student(s).

Thank you for sending great kids for us to work with.


Jacque A. Cowherd, Ed.D.


Court Warming Week is HERE!

Tuesday "Cowboys vs Aliens"
Wear flannel or metallic outfits
Home Wrestling Match at 6 pm

Wednesday "Space Jam"
Sports team gear (jerseys)
Movie night at 7 pm--Watching the movie E.T.

Thursday "Starstruck"
Dress like a celebrity or like one in disguise

Friday "Hornets have Landed"
Wear Courtwarming shirts or Black and Gold!

Courtwarming games with JV girls starting at 5 pm
Coronation at approximately 7:30 pm

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Make Plans NOW!

February 13 - 15 at 7 pm
February 15 at 2 pm

General admission ticket: $10
Student Ticket: $8
Children 4 and under are Free

Tickets are available for purchase now at fhstheatrearts.com

Buying tickets online is the ONLY way to reserve seats in advance.

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Enroll for Preschool!

FECC is enrolling for next school year! Children need to be four by August 1st. Please call (573) 590-8050.

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Enroll for Kindergarten!

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Bright Futures Coat Drive

The official Coat Drive ends on January 31, 2020. However, if you would like to donate a coat new or gently used, please feel free to drop it off at FPS Central Office - 2 Hornet Drive - Fulton.

Every child deserves a Champion!

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Important Dates

Wednesday, February 12 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library

Friday, February 14 - NO SCHOOL Teacher Professional Development

Monday, February 17 - NO SCHOOL President's Day

Wednesday, March 11 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library

Monday, March 23 - Friday, March 27 - NO SCHOOL Spring Break

Friday, April 10 - NO SCHOOL Mid-Quarter Break

Wednesday, April 15 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library

Wednesday, May 13 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library

Thursday, May 21 - Last Day of School Dismiss 2 hours early

Friday, May 22 - FHS Graduation

Monday, June 1 - First Day of Summer School

Wednesday, June 10 - Board of Education Meeting 7:00 p.m. FHS Library