Survival Guide for Mojave Desert

Brenson Smith


The mojave desert's temperature ranges from 119-mid 90s in Augest.


The mojave desert is located near Las Vegas,on the continent of U.S.A.

Landforms and geography

The mojave has pillars of rocks and dunes,and wide stretches of scorching desert.There are a few mountains that are in the mojave desert,which is the rocky mountains.

Animals in the mojave desert

There are common animals found in any desert such as black-tailed Jackrabbit,mule deer,and mountain loins which aren't very common in deserts.
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Mountain lion

The mountain lion can be found near caves and near mountains.The animal is very deadly and should be avoided at all times.If you are lucky enough and find an abandoned den there is a good chance there is still some meat left.


1.There wont be much water and the water that is found you shouldn't drink it could have bacteria in it and it will not be good to the taste.2.The mojave desert is very hot and you could lose moisture fast the best way to avoid this is to keep your mouth closed so that you do not lose much moisture.3.Since the sun is scolding and is mostly faced on top of your head,you should use something to cover it.4.Since there are mountains and cave you can make a shelter in one and you can use any plant you find to start a fire,the main thing to know is how to start a fire.
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There are joshua trees,Juniper trees,and mesquite trees.You can use the trees for shade to keep cool.The plants cant be harmful to you and, are not edible
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