Similarity and Transformations


What is similarity?

Similarity is when 2 or more figures have the same sides, shape, or appearance.

But that's always the case. Two figures can be similar if the second can be obtained by a number of transformations and dilation.Here is a simple picture of classification. you can easily classify then by their shape, size, and color.But can you classify them by their angles and vertices and more?


"flips" the bodies it is moving. Basically all of theses terms put together is this lesson if you have those down you can do this!

" Step 1 "

Using the picture below since the image stayed the same but only grew larger( basically the orientation stayed the same). first identify the transformations present in the picture. The only transformation present is a dilation so to figure out the difference all they did was move ^ABC 1 unit up then 2 1/2 units right. So A=A' is now (2,6) and so on.

Step 2

Using the same image you are now going to create ratios to compare the lengths of the sides for the image. so..

AB = 2 1. AC = 3

------ ~or ~ ------ ~ but this pair isn't equal so it doesn't count. (AC=A'C')

A'B'= 4 2. A'C'= 5 .

There is no need to do CB and C'B' because its equal to AB A'B'C'. So now knowing that you know the 2 images are similar because a dilation maps ^ABC to ^A'B'C' . So that's how you figure out similarity by using transformations. Hope you learned something new :)