The Glorious Revolution

Brianna Newton

What was it?

Overall, The Glorious Revolution was the events of 1688-89 that resulted in the dethroning of James II and the accession of Mary II and her husband William III.

Oliver Cromwell

  • Outspoken Puritan
  • Server in the Rump Parliament
  • Reformed the British legal system
  • Governed Great Britain 1649-1660
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Charles II

  • Took reign after Cromwell's death
  • Worked in tolerance with the Parliament and the citizens of England
  • Ruled from 1660-1685
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James II

  • Younger brother of Charles II
  • Ran into conflict with the parliament
  • Catholic monarch
  • Reign eventually collapsed
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Mary II and William III

  • Mary II- daughter of James II
  • William III- husband to Mary II
  • Joint monarchs after James' rule
  • Ended any chance of Catholicism becoming the head in England
  • Signed the English Bill of Rights
  • Ended conflict between crown and parliament

Wordly Impact

Apart from creating a constitutional monarchy in place of a absolute power monarchy in England, the Glorious Revolution also had a substantial impact on the growing colonies in America. The short-lived English rebellions under James' II rule can be seen as a precursor to the Patriots' rebel that led to the American Revolution. Also, the English Bill of Rights had a significant effect on the American colonies and the United States constitution.