Just a Drop of Water

By Cade Edwards

"Help our Souls" by Nihils

The song "Help Our Souls" is sending the message of "who is going to help us". This can relate a lot to the story Just a Drop of Water because the Muslims were in need of help after the attacks. The lyrics "And with the sun rising, I arose from ash and dust I, finally saw the world for what it was, The good and bad, they were part of one" stuck out to me because after the terrorist attacks, the American-Muslims were being accused. Jake saw this, especially through a kid named Bobby, and he was aware that there were people that would blame the Muslims and there would be people that would fight for the Muslims.

"Roots" by Imagine Dragons

Throughout the song "Roots", the singer talks about getting in touch with his past so that he can strive in the future. Some of the lyrics go "I'm going back to my roots, another day, another door, another high, another low," and this can relate to what Sam was doing. After the attacks and when Bobby started calling him out for his family's religion, he decided to learn more about the Islamic beliefs. His grandparents were Muslim, so he was basically digging into the "roots" of his family so that he could prove to people that Muslims aren't terrorists.