Tooth Paste Brush

Maya Wallace 2-17-16 7th period

By: Aqua fine

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Got your tent, got your fire, now all you need is a tooth paste brush.

About The Company

Maya Wallace, the runner of the company, and her five other friends, Samuel Slater,Nat Turner, Henry Clay, James Monroe, and Monroe Doctrine created this product. There are currently 500 workers making this product. The only factory system making this product takes place by the Erie canal, where it was created. This product does not have interchangeable parts.

History Of The Company

In early July, 2002, five people were camping at a little town called Rochester. They had been there to celebrate the fourth of July, and had stayed there two weeks after the fourth. after all that time, they had run out of toothpaste, and had no more water battles left. The closest store would take an hour to get there, and they had to go to meet some former friends in that time. They were in a crunch, but right then Maya had an epiphany. "What if," she said, "There was a tooth brush with toothpaste and water already in it."

Product Name

There are two buttons, you press one for water, and one for toothpaste. If toothpaste or water is not accessible, then get a tooth paste brush. Order online and get it shipped to you today!


One tooth paste brush cost $5. The first twenty orders get one tooth brush free! You can buy however many you need.


90% of people who have tried this product have recommended it.

National Pride

20% of all proceeds go to an organization of your choice

Guarantee or Warrantee

If this product breaks within the first week of it's use, you will get a free replacement.

About Us

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