Unpatriotic School System?

Written by: Grey Wilson

Patriotic Student gets suspended!

Philip Malloy, of Harrison School District, recently got suspended from his school for supposedly humming the Nation Anthem while it was playing in the morning. The boys father is outraged. The boy said and I quote " And I like to sing along" after I asked where it plays and who plays it. He claim the teacher Miss. Narwin, and I quote "Well, I like to, you know, Sing along, but see, she kicked me out. For singing it." This leaves me wondering, are the school districts going to turn against the National Anthem?
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Interview with Harrison School's Superintendent, Dr. Seymour

During my Interview with Dr. Seymour I informed him of the situation, and he said, I quote "Of course not! Whatever gave you that idea? Who told you that?". He also said, I quote "Hogwash, you should check your sources." and he said "The answer is no. We do not have such a rule. Absolutely". This give me question on, if they are a non-communitive school system, which might raise questions for others.
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Interview with Dr.Doane, Principle of Harrison High

I started speaking with Dr.Doane, and she seemed to know the boy, and I quote "Oh,Yes. Nice Boy. Know him Well. Has something happened to him?" Again, she seemed not to know of the situation. I think this district needs to communicate more. She also said, "Mr wilson, You call me up and inform me about something of which I had no prior information on.", This proves they do not communicated, and this situation could've been prevented with some simple communication.
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Interview with Assistant Principle, Dr. Palleni

During my Interview with Dr. Palleni he said, I quote "I did no such thing!" After I informed him of what happened. He also said, I quote "No comment, You've got all your facts wrong.", He refused to speak anymore of the situation by said, and I quote "Not to talk about this".
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Interview with Margart Narwin, Student's teacher

Margart Narwin, a teacher at Harrison High, has taught for 21 years, and reportedly the teacher of the suspended student. During the interview, she agreed that he was her student, but said he was not suspended for singing, but for, I quote "Causing a disturbance", but after that she said, I quote"The boy was creating and serious disturbance" That was when I asked, "By singing the national anthem", she said, I quote "We have a rule". It seems that do, in fact, have a rule about singing the national anthem while it is playing.
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Did this all really happen?

As far as I know, yes it did. Philip Malloy got suspended for singing the national anthem. This is one of the most crazy suspension stores in a very long time. The story is still developing so stay tuned to our daily newspapers. Thats all for today! We hope we see you tomorrow.