We Only Have 4 Full Weeks of School?!



1. Halls: Teachers and students should be absolutely silent when passing in the hallway. Please help monitor and remind students each period about hallway expectations during test days.

2. Bathrooms: There are no bathroom breaks during testing. IF it is an emergency, ONE student can go to the bathroom at a time. (try to use the bathroom before testing begins)

3. Classroom noise levels: Music is not allowed to be played anywhere on the 2nd floor or right below the computer lab, during testing (the walls are paper thin). If you share a wall with either computer labs, please take your voice level into consideration. (music will be held in the cafeteria)

4. ELL/SPED services: pull-out services maybe disrupted, due to testing. If this happens, times will be made up at a later date.

* It is very important that everyone is familiar with the schedule and knows if they are proctors or monitors.

* If testing finishes before the scheduled end time in the morning or afternoon, an announcement will be made over the intercom to resume all regular schedules.

*State assessments is a team effort and I know it will be a great success with everyone’s contribution!

College Awareness Month

If anyone has students that would like to recite their college pledge during announcements, let me know! DON'T FORGET TO DECORATE YOUR DOOR THIS WEEK, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!


*Please remember you are not on your phone during school hours, unless it is an emergency. Phone usage is acceptable in your classroom, over your plan period (but not in the hallway).

Star Testing

All students should be done testing in both reading and math on the Star assessments. Please check to make sure all students have been tested this quarter.

EOY Survival Ideas

Click the link below to share your survival ideas with everyone (all you have to do is sign-up- it's similar to a live chat)

End of the Year Hangout

Almost everyone has RSVPed!!! Thank you!


Mrs. Wetzel shared a great video about autism with me, so I wanted to share it with all of you. It is very informative and a great reminder of what kiddos with autism really hear and see every day. This is a great video to watch and then reflect on how to accommodate every child's needs.

April Character Trait


“I respect the laws of my country and the rules of the school.”

PLEASE PLEASE hand out those character cards, if you catch a student showing good character. (shoot me an email if you need more)

*There are links below with some ideas/resources that you could use to go with teaching about citizenship.

This is the last full month for it!

Upcoming Events

April: College Awareness Month

4/11-4/29: MAP

4/20: Staff Meeting

4/22: Progress Reports

4/26: EOY Hangout (5-7pm)

4/29: Eco-Elvis

4/30: Ice Cream Social

Living With Autism Through The Eyes Of A Child