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U.S allies will comfort Iran by not letting use nuclear weapons.The United States will try not making it a military action.Also if you plan to start an attack on Iran you will want to be ready to have 100,000 soldiers.Next the people of Iran are Swarthy and average height.Also in Iran their are woman cities where their are only woman and no men. Their hasn't been any discovery of men cities. The weather in Iran isn't the best because it trap more than 50 Iranians from coming home from Syria. Some people think that the Iranians are the Revolutionary Guard. Rebels have been trying to get through the army to get to the helicopters to get home.


High winds and bad weather in the Gulf are preventing the loaded ships from leaving the port. Iraq's Basra ports went from 2.35 million barrels per a day (bpd) to 960,000 bpd the next day. Bad weather and technical issues have made it very hard for OPEC members to keep shipments steady. From 2.62 million bpd in November oil exports fell to 2.34 million bpd in December. The oil companies are now predicting a low figure for January because of weather too. Around the same time, a suicide bomber driving a car packed with explosives blew himself up around a major Kurdish party which killed 39 people. Then another bomb went off and killed 17 people, caused widespread damage, mangled cars, and tore apart storefronts of shops. Another car bomb nearby exploded also killed two other people. Then a planted bomb went off as mourners were mourning Al-Issawwi's death, wounding three people. Meanwhile, the US announces the end of War of Iraq. At the Baghdad International Airport, Panetta together with military officers and lower the United States' white flag for the last thing. The war began on March 20, 2003 and finally ended this Thursday. About 4,600 US militants were killed and more than 25,000 got hurt in the eight years of this mass destruction.


On January 16, 2013 six militants attacked the gate of the Afghan intelligence service. Thirty civilians were injured and four of the agency's guards were killed in the blast. The windows of nearby shops were also blown out. This was the second attack on the agency within two months. At the same time, President Obama is in danger of losing control of South Central Asia. The United States still has no approach to the region that yielded up the worst attack on America's soil. The administration has failed to complete Obama's pledge to help Afghanistan until 2024. Meanwhile back in Afghanistan, children are not coping well with the harsh winter. Last winter more than 100 children died. They They have very few essentials and not much food. The minister doesn't believe the children are dying because of lack of food, he blames it on ill health.