The Evolution Of Music

From Jazz To Rock And Roll To Electronic, A Lot Has Changed

Different Types Of Music

Some of the most popular types of music are Jazz, Rock and Roll, Electronic and a lot more. Frank Sinatra was a very famous Jazz singer. The Rock and Roll band Metallica is very famous. Deadmau5 is a very famous DJ.


Frank Sinatra was very popular in the 1930s. He entertained millions with easy to listen to, comforting music. In your house, sure, fancy dinner party, why not! Anyone can listen to him. Metallica on the other hand is different. They are known for there loud, rambunctious music. They started to become popular in the 1980s and is still entertaining. Deadmau5 is a very popular DJ who started creating music in 2005 and is still popular now. He produces electronic music that makes you want to dance.


Even though Frank Sinatra isn't active, people still listen to his music. People play his songs at weddings, social gatherings, dinner parties, etc. He left a legacy that inspired millions, and still is today. Even though it's different music it is still popular because different types of people support different types of music, and there are a lot of different people in the world.


If you like to relax Frank Sinatra is the music for you. It's easy to listen to and it is very comforting. Metallica however is very different. There loud, violent music is hard to listen to but people love it. Deadmau5 has created a whole new feel for music. It makes you want to dance and get excited. It is played at parties a lot.