Did you know the Crow wore different clothes? They wore skirts, shirts, leggings ,and belts. They also wore buffalo robes. Their clothes were highly decorated. They wore head dresses. The Crow used elk teeth and dyed porcupine quills to decorate dresses. Women had traditional dresses. Men wore War bonnets.
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The Crow lived in teepees (40 men could fit in 1 teepee.) The Crow used poles to keep their teepees up. They covered teepees with buffalo skins. They also covered teepees with elk skins. Tepees are usually 25 feet high. Neighbors helped each other build teepees. Building teepees were fairly easy with teamwork. Teepees helped the Crow alot back then.
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The Crow ate different types of food. Their primary food was meat. They mostly ate buffalo meat. The Crow boiled food over a fire. Women gathered vegetables. The Crow had no pots to cook with. They hunted buffalo, elk and deer. the Crow ate foods such as berries, wild berries, and corn.
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Did you know the Crow lived in different areas? They lived in Montana. The crow lived near the Yellostone River. They lived by Wyoming. They moved to the Bighorn Mts. in Montana. They got pushed on a reservation.

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The Crow used horses. Horses helped them travel faster. They also used dogs to carry their things around. Horses and dogs helped the Crow a lot.
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