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The 2014-2015 Online Handbook

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The purpose of this online handbook is to continue to support the Cary Commitments of building relationships, collaboration, and focused instruction. The handbook will inform all staff with policies and procedures for the daily operation of John B. Cary Elementary School.

Cary Staff

Absences and Leave

Teachers are responsible for submitting absence requests through Kronos and securing a substitute with Source 4 Teachers. Personal leave must be requested at least 72 hours prior to the absence. In the event that you need to be absent the night before or the morning of the school day, please call or text either Ms. Brezinski at 593-6313 or Ms. Humble at 268-4679.


Staff meetings will be on Wednesdays and held in the PD room 203. See the Google Calendar for dates.

Grade level CLT's will meet every other Friday for 90 minutes. See the CLT schedule for meeting days and times.

SIT (Student Intervention Team) meetings will be held during teachers planning (or after school if needed) period on the second and fourth Monday of the month. The team consists of of an administrator, the guidance counselor, interventionists, the reading specialist (if needed) and classroom teacher(s). The purpose of the committee is to provide an in-house problem solving team whose purpose is to intervene, explore, and plan for possible avenues at the school level to utilize the knowledge and experience of those directly involved with the student. Please notify Ms. Humble to schedule a SIT. All teachers will use the SIT referral form on the File Maker Pro database after the meeting has been scheduled. Please indicate very specific skills and areas that the student is struggling in so that the team can bring intervention strategies and ideas to the meeting. Also, any student that has been retained will have a retention SIT meeting. Mrs. Humble will schedule those in the first month of school. Please see the separate SIT google calendar for dates and times of the meetings.

Child Study Meetings will take place on the first and third Mondays of the month. A Parent, teacher, or administrator may initiate a referral for the child study; however, students are to be referred through SIT prior to the child study meeting in most cases. The procedure for this;

1. Schedule a SIT with Ms. Humble.

2. SIT meeting is held.

3. If needed after the SIT, obtain a Child Study Referral form from our Case Manager/Jamie Reichelt

Email Ms. Reichelt if you have any questions regarding scheduling a Child Study Meeting.


See the shared CARY Schedules Folder for all duty, bulletin board, early release days, CLTs, and benchmark/SOL testing for the 2014-15 school year.

  • We ask that ALL staff be on duty the first 4 days of school. Bus duty starts at 6:55am. This will ensure that you are at your post and ready to greet our children when they are let in the building at 7am.
  • ALL staff will eat lunch in the cafeteria for the first 10 days of school. This is the time to reinforce the PBIS matrix and expectations in the lunch line and in the cafeteria.

PBIS- Cary Cardinals SOAR!

Cary follows the PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions Systems). A grade level matrix is hung in each classroom and is to be reinforced often. Posters are also displayed in the hallways and should also be reinforced with your class. The first two weeks of school are crucial in teaching and modeling the expectations to our students. Classes earn feathers from other staff members when they are caught SOARING (being Successful, Organized, Appropriate and Responsible) in all areas of the building. Feather counts are recorded weekly and will be added towards quarterly incentives for each class.

  • ALL staff is expected to wear the PBIS pouch that will be used to store Cardinal feathers. Extra feathers are in a basket in the teacher's lounge.
  • The PBIS team will send out the updated modeling scripts that will be used to teach those expectations in all of the areas of the school.
  • A scheduled day and time will be set for your grade level to report to a specific station where you will use the modeling script.

Weekly Communication

Weekly communication folders will go home with students each Thursday. These folders contain notices from the office and student work. Parents will sign and return them to school.

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HCS Grading Scale

93-100 A

90-92 A-

89-87 B+

86-83 B

80-82 B-

77-79 C+

73-76 C

70-72 C-

64-69 D

below 64 F

It is expected that you will have at least one grade per subject per week.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are to be completed using the Cary Lesson Plan template that includes the necessary components as required by HCS. Lesson plans are to be turned into the appropriate grade level Google Folder by NO LATER than 7:30am the Friday before. This allows administration time to review and give specific feedback regarding your lesson plans. All lesson plans should contain the following requirements:

-Standard with cognitive level identified (Essential Skills)

-Objectives (Behaviors, Conditions, and Criteria)

-Learning Intentions (I will be able to...)

-Success Criteria

-Essential Questions

-Learning Experiences


-Supporting Resources (materials)

Attendance- HERE Initiative

Daily attendance will be taken by 8am each morning on Power School. The office will send a connect ed message for all absent students. It is the homeroom teachers responsibility to check attendance before they leave for the day and call parents regarding an absence. Notes must be made in Power School documenting the schools efforts in contacting the parents. Parents must provide doctor's notes after you have excused SIX absences by phone or parent note. Send all parent notes to the main office so that Ms. Napier may document those for you. Please ask Heidi or Jen if you have a question regarding excusing an absence in Powerschool.

If a student is not in your room at 7:30 mark them ABSENT. If students are TARDY they will office will mark them TARDY.

Please refer to the Attendance Policy in the HCS Rights and Responsibility Handbook.

Rights and Responsibilities Handbook


Leadership Team

Sharnell Simpson

Megan Neff

Alicia Melvin

Kristie Bradner

Lisa White

Sheri Anderson

Gabriella Powell

Melody Black

Lydia James


Coach- Jennifer Flowers,

K- Robyn Gatling

1- Jullanar Shukree

2- Laurena Coates

3- Jessica Gaul

4- Terri Voris

Heather Goode

5- Lawrence Hill

R- Melody Black

Sped- Miranda Blain

Gabriella Powell

Literacy Team

Kristie Bradner

Barbara Spencer

Jamie Reichelt

Heather Goode

Pam Smith

Melody Black

Instructional Leaders

Language Arts- Kristie Bradner

Math- Lisa White

Science- Pam Smith

Social Studies- Sandy Russell

Special Education- Lydia James

Math Team

Lisa White


Jullanar Shukree

Melissa Dickerson

Lawrence Hill

Sharnell Simpson

Gabriella Powell

Safe School (a chair and members)

Michelle Branch

PTA Representatives

Wellness Committee

TAC Representative

Gifted Coordinator

Gabriella Powell

Beautification Committee

United Way Coordinator

Media Representative

Lisa White

FES Action Team

Sheri Anderson

Classroom Celebrations

HCS allows for teachers to have two classroom celebrations during the school year. These celebrations are held in December (before Winter Break) and in June (to celebrate the end of the school year.) See the HCS Nutrition Policy when planning for those celebrations. All food must be store bought and approved under the Nutrition Policy.

Celebration Guidelines

HCS Nutrition Policy

Dress Code

Staff is expected to dress professionally at all times. Each Friday will be "School Spirit Day" and all staff may wear Cary attire and jeans.

Field Trips

All field trips must be related to the SOL's. The nurse must be notified one week prior to the Field Trip to ensure all needed medications are prepared. Notify the cafeteria at least two weeks in advance of your trip. Please email Heidi or Jen to ensure that we add your trip to the Cary Google Calendar.

All money collected for field trips must be turned into the main office each day. Ms. Oberle will issue you a receipt book that you must write a receipt for any money you collect from a student that is over $5.00. Each day the money and receipt book must be turned in to the office so that it may be locked in the safe.

Ordering Supplies

If you have materials that you would like for your classroom please fill out the "Materials Needed" form found in the main office. Materials must be chosen from the list of approved vendors given to you by Ms. Oberle. Once you fill the form out, please turn it in to Ms. Brezinski for approval. Once it has been approved, Ms. Oberle will place your order.

Staff Hours

A teacher's instructional day begins at 7:15am and ends at 2:30pm. You are expected to be in your room ready to begin working with students at 7:20am. Staff members assigned to bus duty are expected to be on duty at 6:55am to be ready when the staff opens the doors at 7am. If you are going to be absent on a duty day please be sure to get someone to cover for you. See the Cary 2014-2015 Schedule Folder in Google Drive for all schedules.


In order to promote a safe learning environment for our staff and students, we ask that all visitors sign in at main office where they will be scanned in and printed a visitors pass from the new security system. We strongly encourage parents that visiting during instructional time causes a disruption, and that our teachers are glad to meet with them during planning or before or after school. If you have a parent that would like to volunteer at the school, please contact our Family Engagement Specialist, Ms. Anderson.

We also ask that all parents be escorted to their location in the building. If you can not escort a parent, please have the office contact Ms. Brezinski or Ms. Humble to escort them.

Work Orders

Please be sure so set up your Voicemail on your phone. Click here to assist you with set up and any questions you have with your classroom phone.

If you have a need for technology assistance place a work order through the HCS FileMaker Pro Database. The password for submitting a work order is "ithelp".

Wishing you a great school year!

Thank you for reading our 2014-15 online handbook. We look forward to having a great year building relationships, collaborating, and focusing on instruction!!


Hampton City Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age or other protected classes in its programs and activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Robbin G. Ruth

Executive Director of Human Resources

Hampton City Schools

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