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Weekly Newsletter

1/18/16 Weekly Updates

There's something refreshing about starting 2nd semester. Perhaps it's the long break that we just had. Maybe it's the fresh start that our students have (grade-wise). Whatever the reason, I love the beginning of 2nd semester!

There are lots of pictures in this one!

We have been learning about clothing and how to describe clothing. This is all gearing the students for our annual fashion show this Friday (if the weather holds out!) We have had a lot of practice speaking and writing about clothing--including our Build-A-Bear Thrift Shop activity this past week. The students had fun dressing their stuffed animals in different (and eclectic outfits, at times) and describing their favorite one. Enjoy the pictures!

Coming to a Spanish Class Near You!

  • Unit 6A Adjectives Formative - Wednesday, January 20th
  • Unit 6A Fashion Show / Verbal Summative - Friday, January 22nd

Curriculum Corner

Unit 6A

  • Clothing and Shopping Vocabulary
  • Describing clothes using descriptive and demonstrative adjectives

Your student needs to look over the new vocabulary words and concepts for 5 minutes per night!

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