Thank You for Your Interest in the

Dominican University Summer Class for Graduate Credits

This is the best class for any teacher to take!

This class allows you to individualize your summer learning to your needs. You can:

  • Create something new that increases your effectiveness as a teacher
  • Learn new technology
  • Allot time to thoughtful, intensive curriculum planning
  • Collaborate with other teachers in your field
  • Keep your curriculum up-to-date and relevant with the ever changing knowledge and requirements
  • Get credit for what you have to do anyway this summer to prepare for next school year
Authentic Professional Development for Teachers from Dominican University of California

Flexible options available

2 Credits - $250 (50 hours)

3 Credits - $375 (75 hours)

4 Credits - $495 (100 hours)

5 Credits - $595 (125 hours)

6 Credits - $695 (150 hours)