Wonderful Berlin

The Wonders of the European World


It is the center of Berlin. It was originally called Ochsen Marketor ox market. In 1805 after a visit of Russian Tzar Alexander.Locals just call it Alex. Most of the buildings were destroyedduring the allied bombing in World War II . It became the centerof East Berlin after the War and was used to showcase socialistarchitecture. This resulted in a plain simple bulky building anda large TV tower. The TV tower known as the Fernsehturm orTele-spargel (toothpick). Is 365 m or 1197 feet. Built in 1969with help of swedish experts. IT was a TV antenna and a metalsphere including a revolving restaurant called Telecafe. Therestaurant is at the height of 207m and the viewing platform is at203m. In 1969 two monuments were added to the square, theWeltzeituhr ( World Time Clock) by Erich John and the Fountainof International Friendship. The World Clock show names ofmany foreign cities in different time zones.In 1997 the clock wasrestored new cities like Cape Town were added. On top the WorldClock there is simplified model of the solar system. The Fountainof International Friendship is 23m wide circular fountain. At thecenter of the fountain was a modern structure that consists of aseries of basins along which water flows down. The fountain wasrenovated in 2002.

Brandenburg Gate

Become the symbolum to the reunification of Germany. It wasthe main entrance to the Berlin Wall. It is the only entrance thatsurvived. Was designed by Carl Gotthard and commissionedby emperor Wilhelm II. The design of the gate was 65.5 meterswide and 28 meters tall. Built 1778 to 1791 and the decorationsof Greek mythology took another 4 years. The quadriga was builtin 1793 by Johann Gottfried Schadow. The bronze quadriga isdriven by goddess of peace and the gate was built for peace.In 1806, during Berlin’s occupation, France, Napoleon orderedto take the quadriga to Paris. After the battle of waterloo thequadriga was taken back to Berlin. The quadriga became thesymbol of victory was called Victoria after the Roman goddessof victory. The area near the gate was renamed Pariser Platz.After World War 2 the quadriga became the symbol of Prussianmilitarism. It was damaged during the war. The Gate was right inmiddle of East and West Germany. In 1958 the East Germanyrestored the gate, though the West side restored the funded thereconstruction of the quadriga. In 2001 the gate was renovated. Itwas good as new on October 3, 2003.

The Berlin Wall

Was used to divide west Berlin from East Germany. It wasdecided to be built on August 13, 1961 (during to the cold war)to stop mass defections to West Berlin. The Berlin Wall stoodtill November 9, 1989. It was the Yatia and Potsdam that splitGermany into two parts. East Germany was given to SovietUnion and the West was given to United States, Great Britain& (eventually) France. The four way occupation began in June,1945. Reunification of West and East Germany was done onOctober 3, 1990.

Reichstag Building Berlin

Designed by Paul Wallot. Construction started in 1884 and thefinal stone was laid by Kaiser Wilhelm II on December 5th,1894. It is 6 storey building in the style of Italian HighRenaissance covers the area of 13,290 m^2 and it has 4 towers40 m high. The saying ‘Dem deutschen Volke’ was inscribedabove the main entrance in 1916. It means ‘To the Germanpeople’’ in English. The building suffered heavy damage fromthe bombings during the 2nd World War. In 1954 the domewas demolished due to unsound surroundings so in 1955 theBundestag decided to rebuild it without the dome. Renovationwas carried according to plans by Paul Baumgarten and was notcompleted till 1972. The destroyed decorative figures were notrestored and the building was simplified. On October 4th, 1990the first parliament representing all of Germany, Bundestag andGDR Volkskammer met in the plenary chamber.The building wasofficially opened on April 19 1999. The new dome became thesymbol of parliament and government district. 800 tons of steeland 3000 m^2 of glass went into building the structure which is23.5 meters high .