Readers Are Leaders

Read Through the Genres Challenge

Genre Challenge

Read 3 books from each genre to earn a genre brag tag. Earn 4 or more genre tags by December to get invited to the Hot Chocolate and Cookies Celebration. Students who earn 8 or more genre tags 2nd semester are invited to a Snoball Celebration. Students who earn all 9 genre tags will receive a Readers Are Leaders t-shirt.

We read to lead. We read to explore. We read to succeed. And then we read some more!

To earn a genre tag, read from these genres: realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, traditional literature (myths, folk tales, tall tales, fairy tales, and fables) poetry, biographies, and nonfiction (informational text).

Reading Challenge Book Count

Second Grade Reader Leaders

Second graders will start the year off recording their Readers Are Leaders information in a notebook format.  Their AR folders are set up to focus on specific genres each 9 weeks.  After reading their book, they will record their score in their AR folder to receive a sticker for that book.  A separate Readers Are Leaders Genre Reading Challenge form for each book read will be completed at home, in class, or in the library, then turned into Mrs. Scott in the library.  The Reading Challenge form is required for students to earn their genre tags.  (This form targets different literacy skills than AR quizzes.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to read all the genres?

No, but to earn a genre tag you must read and respond to 3 books in that genre using the Readers Are Leaders Reading Log.

How do I get to the Readers Are Leaders Reading Log?

The Readers Are Leaders Reading Log is easily accessed on the KIDZVIZ online catalog. Click on the icon on any classroom computer or iPad, click the lighthouse icon on the screen, and then click on the form. Answer the questions on the form and click SUBMIT.

Can I earn more than one genre tag for the same genre?

Yes, but only after earning all genre tags.

How do I find books for each genre?

The library has been updated and rearranged so that you can find the books you need.