Apap's Adventures

Happenings in Mrs. Apap's and Ms. Foust's Class


Here is some information about what has been happening in our class and some upcoming important events.

Upcoming Events

Friday December 18th will be Polar Express Day. The students can wear pajamas and bring in a blanket and stuffed animal. We will be serving hot chocolate and some other special treats!

What have we been working on????

Our class has been working with Globe Trot Scott and learning about Holidays Around the World. So far we have been able to travel to France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Russia England, and Uganda. We have been able to either make a little craft related to each country and how they celebrate the holidays or we have had a snack related to a food that is from that country.

Our students have also been working very hard on a writing piece. They are trapped in a snow globe and have created a story on how they got there and how they are getting out. They are very creative and have put a lot of work into these!

Time to Take a Break