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Posiden, God of the oceans was by the river when he overheard his son and his son’s friend discussing about heading to the underworld. “I shall warn you once and only once, you will NOT go near the underworld ever!” exclaimed Posiden.

“FINE, I won’t!” lied Carlistien, the son of Posiden; prince of the ocean and water. But a couple of days later… Carlistien was in a jail cell and in wait of his death.

“I am dead serious, Carlistien, you could get killed!” shouted Posiden

“Yeah, yeah I got it.” said Carlistien. Days later Carlistien was wondering and found himself walking through the underworld castle. Meanwhile, Alitina, Princess of the underworld and slime; was wondering around the slimy, gloomy castle. Alitina came upon Carlistien changing the slimy, green water to clear, sparkling water. She was shocked that he did this without permission. Then again he is the Prince of water and the ocean. Alitina pulled her courage together and yelled “Hey you, can’t do that without the permission of Hades!” “Well I just needed to have a sip of water, and your welcome for cleaning up your dump; oh and did anyone ever tell you, your dress is beautiful.” said Carlistien. “OH! Well thank you….” shyly said Alitina. Then Alitina heard Hades coming down the hall! She tells Carlistien to jump out of the window so that he can go home without being seen.

Several days later Carlistien and Alitina instantly fell in love, but they can’t date because their fathers weren’t very good friends. Alitina and Carlistien vowed not to tell their parents. Nevertheless Hades and Posiden become very suspicious about Carlistien and Alitina. Hades finds out that Carlistien has been entering the castle. Hades demands Carlistien dead and Alitina forbidden from leaving the castle ever. Soon Carlistien is locked in a jail cell. Alitina is desperate to save her one and true love from death. It was time for Carlistien to say goodbye to his life… BAM! Posiden appears in the dungeon death room. During the argument Hades brings up the reasons why Carlistien should be killed- if only Carlistien could have followed simple directions and not enter the underworld. Posiden then fires back that if Hades were to keep his gates closed then this wouldn’t have happened! In conclusion Hades and Posiden agrees to not let anyone enter the underworld and not to kill Carlistien for his actions.

After a couple of years- Posiden is keeping guard of Carlistien much more closely. Alitina lives a lonely life with skeleton cats and swore she will never marry anyone ever She still holds the drips of water left from Carlistien- every fall Alitina is the reason of the leaves blowing down and the winds because she is in the underworld where she can make the gloomy days even gloomier and she holds her anger out into the mortals. Hades, on the other hand seeks revenge on Carlistien and Posiden. Carlistien is now forbidden to go to the oceans and the underworld; he now lives on the clouds pouring his eyes out in the spring because he still attempts to enter the underworld for Alitina. Now in the fall, Alitina is the reason the leaves fall and the winds get bigger. In the spring, Carlistien is in the clouds pouring his eyes with water.