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Dear Parents

This week was a great week! We kicked off our week by starting our investigation on : Where does garbage go? Many answers varied. Some said trash can, dumpster, and some even said that a garbage truck comes by to pick up the trash. But where does it really go, after the garbage collector passes by? We talked about landfills, and once again talked about the importance of reducing, reusing, and recycling! Did you know it takes 1 million year for a glass bottle to decompose, and 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose! So before you put it in the trash can, ask yourself, “Is it really garbage?”

In Class, we were sounding out words, making our Plastic Planet , decorating our pencil holder and playing with our new garbage truck. We also looked and touched a book made out of recycled materials. We play with recycle puzzles.

We had a great fieldtrip to Safaricks zoo! We learned about Orphan animal rescue! Special thanks to all the mommies who joined us on this fun trip, with a great attitude no matter how hot it was! We are always thankful to have the extra help!

We had a lovely Earth day, and were amazing earth keepers! Every Day should be Earth Day! We made sure to turn the lights off when we were not in our classroom. We are making sure to take our water bottles to the playground, and that way save paper cups. No matter how little they are, they truly are making a BIG difference!!!

The earth is our home, and there is no place like home. Save the PLANET EARTH!

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Remember to create your recycle game

No school on Friday, May, 1st


I Stink Video

The Paper Bag Princess

Paper Bag Princess

Plastic Planet!

Plastic Planet

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