Moments In Ms. M's

Another great week!

We have another great week in the books...


This week we focused on using graphic sources to add to our understanding of a selection. We read about exploding ants and other animal adaptations! The students identified a graphic source that helped develop their understanding of the piece as we read!


We are getting close to wrapping up our decimal multiplication and division chapter. This week we learned how to divide decimals by decimals and also applied our understanding of patterns with decimal movement when we multiply and divide by powers of 10.

Lion's Cage

This week we focused on market research and narrowing our invention ideas. Hopefully you check out our polls and saw our Tweets during our Skype call with Danny, an actual Shark Tank Contestant!


We are really working on developing our Person of the Year speeches and you will see a handout in binders today about a few aspect of the project that need to be completed home in the coming weeks. Please also makes appropriate changes to your calendar with regards to our presentation day, now Wednesday April 8th from 9-10.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us" - Henry Stanley Haskins