Juror #11

by Byanca Sanchez


Juror 11 is German refugee (with a strong accent) and a watchmaker. He wants to true justice to be served because he knows what is feels like to have injustice occur because he has had injustice in his life. He seems to be in his forties or maybe fifties.


In the very beginning, Juror 11 is a quiet fellow that respects the other jurors and listens to what they have to say. He is very polite even when the other jurors are not. He speaks his honest opinion and even knows more of the United States democracy than the the other jurors born in the U.S.


"If you want to vote not guilty, then do it because you're convinced the man is not guilty - not because you've had enough. And if you think he's guilty, then vote that way. Or don't you have the... the guts - guts to do what you think is right?" (page 18)

"Please. I would like to say something here I have always though that a man was entitled to have unpopular opinions in this country. This is the reason I came here. I wanted to have the right to disagree..."(page 9)

Note: I did not have a book to do this part, but I did find an online text of "Twelve Angry Men" on Google. I want to give this credit in order to get done with this assignment. This is the link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1irVXTuMAQESSwtoqOtQiC_-5dZa59LCmOxA_IQzlxww/edit?pli=1
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When I first was picked to be apart of this jury, I first thought the boy was guilty. But as soon as Juror 8 started going into more depth of details and possibilities such as the: switch blade knife, the woman's eyewitness account, and the old man's hearing testimony. I really could not grasp myself to say, "guilty" any further. I changed my vote after Juror 8 showed the rest of us that this switch blade knife was not the only one of its kind. I began to develop a reasonable doubt since that point. I wanted true justice for this boy seeing that he too was being persecuted for his background and race just like I was. As I spoke my opinions, I was ignored by the other jurors, but I argued with Juror 7 and 10 frequently as I spoke more. After all hearing all the discussion, I have sided on the "not guilty" side.


Juror 11 had his honest opinion after hearing Juror 8 go more in depth of the evidence. As the reader reads Juror 11 speak, they can tell that Juror 11 has a common sense like the boy does. Meaning that since both are from a discriminated for race; Juror 11 speaks for the boy in their point of view. His impact helps the reader understand how he was treated, yet without him Juror 8 wouldn't have been able to convince the other jurors. It was because of Juror 11 listening and giving his own opinion Juror 8 was success in winning the other jurors over. Not only did Juror 11 have his own opinions, he also knew more about the U.S. Democracy than the other jurors which made me give him respect. To me, Juror 11 was a static character. He faded in and out but the readers still knew some of him.