Digital Citizenship

By: Katelynn Lubbers

Digital Citizenship

To be responsible with the online uses and not to give out important information.

Internet Safty

You have to be safe on the internet because their are dangers people out there. DON'T give out personal info. Don't give out personal info

Internet Safty

If you are safe online you could be safer than some people that give out personal info witch you SHOULD NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFO.A fact is that there has be bad thing online

Cyber Bulling

Cyberbulling is VERY bad don't cyber bully so if you do u can get in bad trouble so that is something you don't to do

Cyber bulling

when people cyber bully they can get in trouble and if you are not aloud to do any thing for a long time and it can hurt peoples feelings

Positive Digital Presence

Its important that you have good thing pop up when you get searched up on google or some other site if bad things pop up it could show up on your record and be bad for job opportunists.