Welcome to our classroom

This is my fifth grade class

Class fun

  • Class Dojo (teachers keep track of your behavior in a fun way. There are positive, and negative points. The more positive points the better, negative points try to work harder)
  • Edmodo (this is is website where all of Dwight school's 5th grade students get to talk to each other after school. It is like a kids Facebook)
  • Sum dog (free fun match games online where you can play with your class mates.)
  • Google Docs (instead of carrying big text books you have Google Docs a computer notebook)

I am looking forward to ...

  • London - going to a class field trip, and seeing London.
  • Lockers - being more responsible about my stuff.
  • Dissecting a cow's eye - Getting to discover how the eye is connected to the brain.
  • Book clubs - learning about new facts in a book. You can share with your club, and agree/ disagree in a nice way!
  • Exhibition - going to a new grade, and showing everything I have learned.