City Of Houston

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BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions

What they do? Its an animal shelter, where you can adopt animals or bring in homeless animals.

Accomplishments: Mayor Parker Joining BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions to Announce Progress of New Adoption Center and Highlight BARC's Major Initiatives

Leaders: Greg Damianoff

Crime Statistics

What they do? They help you by showing places in Houston about their crime records as in if its safe around the neighborhood.

Accomplishments: The Houston Police Department has help citizens in Houston find a good location to live in throughout those criminal records.

Leaders: The Houston Police Department (HPD)

Solid Waste Management Department

What they do? Provides solid waste services to the citizens of Houston through the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded material in a manner that is safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost-effective.

Accomplishments: to reduce or eliminate sources of pollution

Leaders: Harry J. Hayes

Green Houston

What they do? The mayor of Houston wanted everyone to participate on recycling more and keep Houston from not being green enough.

Accomplishments: Everyone in Houston now has a green garbage bucket to be able to recycle everyday.

Leaders: Laura Spanjian

Handicap Parking Permits

What they do? People with disabilities get a Handicap Parking Permit so they wont be able to park far from the place they are located.

Accomplishments: They have two types of permits. Blue means permanent disability and red means temporary disability.

Leaders: Lara Cottingham

Super Neighborhoods

What they do? It was created for neighborhoods to come together and organize things to be able to do together.

Accomplishments: Members of the Super Neighborhood Alliance have shown a strong commitment to improving their neighborhoods through the individual Super Neighborhood Councils and a dedication to working with the City of Houston to achieve the specific goals established in each Super Neighborhood Action Plan adopted annually by recognized Super Neighborhood Councils across the city.

Leaders: Mayor Lee Brown

Water / Wastewater Bills

What they do? These are the people who give citizens of Houston the water bills.

Accomplishments: They manage to give people time to pay those bills.

Leaders: Tommy McClung

Wortham Center

What they do? The Wortham center is a theater where people act or perform. The Wortham Center is home to Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera.

Accomplishments: The City of Houston owns the theater, and the Houston First Corporation operates the facility.

Leaders: Eugene Aubrey

Jones Hall

What they do? is a performance venue, it is home to the Houston Symphony Orchestra and the Houston Society for the Performing Arts

Accomplishments: Jones Hall is frequently rented as a venue for contemporary pop musicians and other performers and is estimated to draw over 400,000 audience members yearly.

Leaders: Caudill Rowlett Scott