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This week in Third Grade...March 21, 2016

Dear Third Grade Parents,

It's Holy Week and a busy one at that! Third grade is hopping with activity...a walking field trip to CalTech and Sacred Dancers head up our busy line-up of things to do this week. If your daughter is a Sacred Dancer in this week's Stations of the Cross service please refer to the note below regarding costuming. Also, a reminder that we are off on Spring Break starting Thursday, March 24, at noon. There is no school on Good Friday. Finally, thank you to all our parents for a wonderful conference day! See you all back on Monday, April 4th!

Best regards,

Mrs. Adanto, Mrs. Sears and Mrs. Garcia

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Holy Week...The Triduum

We begin Holy Week this week by observing The Triduum - Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday - the three days prior to Easter Sunday.

May you have the Gladness of Easter which is Hope,

May you have the Promise of Easter which is Peace,

May you have the Spirit of Easter which is Love.

A Blessed Easter To All!

Reminder! Costume Requirement for Sacred Dancers for Stations of The Cross - March 24, 2016

Sacred Dancers will perform at the Stations of The Cross on March 24, 2016. Girls in both Mrs. Sears' and Mrs. Garcia's class will perform. Please note, if your daughter performed as a sacred dancer during the Christmas Service she will not be performing in the Stations of the Cross. Regarding costumes, the sacred dancers will only need their white bike shorts -- basically what they wear under their concert dress. The girls will dance barefooted. As for the top, we changed the costumes last year to a modern dance scoop neck ( not low at all ) white leotard type ankle length dress with a "purple" scarf-like "shrug" overlay. They are very modest and cover everything. The dancers can easily wear either a cami or sport bra, or tight fitted undershirt. The overlay covers everything. Hair should be off the face in a half ponytail. After the service girls will get back into their school uniform, so they should bring their uniform in a labeled bag that will be left in the chapel while they are getting ready and performing.

Spelling City...Front Row...Online Resources for Math and Spelling Practice...

Our third graders have been working periodically on the sites Spelling City and Front Row. Check the resource page for links if you would like for your child to have extra spelling and/or math practice!

Upcoming Third Grade Events

  • March 24, Holy Thursday, Stations of The Cross (Greg Smith Memorial Gymnasium) - Half Day
  • March 25, Good Friday, NO SCHOOL
  • March 28 - April 1, Easter Break
  • April 4, 2016 - Back from Spring Break!
  • Save The Date! MJS Third Grade Poets will participate in the St. Rita Catholic School’s Speech and Debate tournament for Elementary Students. The tournament will be held on Thursday, April 28th. More information to follow!

Deepening Our Learning...

* Religion...During this Lenten Season students will reflect on Jesus' life as a prophet and the message of His good news! As we begin this second half of the year we will reflect on ways to act on Pope Francis' call for all people of faith to make 2016 a Year of Mercy.

*Science - Recycle Reach Out Project...Students continue to collect and analyze data related to paper recycling at MJS and Animal Habitats...Students research food chains and webs. Recycling Impact On Our Communities and World...Our actions affect the world at large and recycling reminds us how we can make a difference. Students will take a deeper look at how recycling can have a positive impact on the world in which we live and how important it is to both the natural environment and us.

* Social Studies - Our Community, Our World - Pasadena! Students will be learning about Pasadena history, researching iconic landmarks, and visiting the Pasadena Museum of History.

* Math - Topic Seven: Introducing The Properties of Division! Students will learning about the meanings of division through the interpretation of two basic concepts: sharing and repeated subtraction.

* Writing - Six Traits of Writing - Students continue apply writing conventions for sentence types, word choice and voice in classroom writing assignments.

Third Grade Team!

Please feel free to visit the MJS Third Grade Resource Page for more information. You may also contact your child's teacher directly via email or phone.