The Gulf of Mexico

How Have Humans Affected It?

What Have Humans Done?

  • The Gulf is being polluted because humans don't throw away trash properly so it goes into the ocean
  • People also dump trash off the sides of boats because it is more convenient than waiting to go to the shore
  • There is a dead zone the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico because of us (Heimbuch)

Endangered Animals

  • 29 endangered mammals including dolphins and whales (Heimbuch)
  • 5 species of turtles (Heimbuch)
  • 49 species of sharks (Heimbuch)

What Could Possibly Happen?

  • Plastic debris doubles every decade and is nearly impossible to get out of the ocean (Parker)
  • The population is projected to increase 40% near the shores of the Gulf (Heimbuch)
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