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A guide to court cases


Here at Lawyer Inc. we will do everything in our power to win your case! Whether you're the plaintiff (the one suing) or the defendant (the one being sued) we will guide you through the process step by step.

For the plaintiff - We'll help you file your Complaint, the document that describes the case and explains who you are. Once in court we will go on to present your complaint and listen to the defendant's answer in what is called a pleading. Afterwards the judge will call both parties in for a pretrial conference in which the lawyers will discuss the case and clarify any differences. If you would rather go through mediation (A 3rd party will help the plaintiff and defendant reach a decision) or arbitration (A 3rd party reviews the case and makes a final decision for both parties) instead of going through the trouble of an entire case then that is an option. If you do decide to go to trial then we will have to gather a preponderance of evidence; this states that it is your responsibility to gather proof for your claim. You will have nothing to worry about as this will be no problem for our private detectives, who will dig up as much dirt as they can on the other party. The verdict will of course find the defendant guilty based on our case, so you won't have to worry about appealing to another court if you're not happy with the result.

For the defendant - If you're reading this right now it means you've received a summons, stating the date and time you need to appear in court and you need help defending yourself. You've come to the right place as we will do everything we can to get you acquitted. We will work on your answer for the pleadings that will occur at the court where you will hear the other party's complaint. At the pre-trial conference the lawyers will talk and we will discuss and prepare for the trial. During this time you may bring up a settlement, a deal that you will propose to the plaintiff if you wish to end this case before it even starts (if they go along with it). If they don't and we have to proceed with the trial then don't worry, our lawyers are skilled at what they do. Even though the preponderance of evidence lies with the plaintiff, we can still put up our own counter evidence. Trust in our lawyers' ability to lie and if you should happen to hear anything that is far from the truth, keep quiet and let us do our jobs. The verdict will most likely be not guilty and you shall be acquitted.


In the unlikely case that you are found guilty or that you do not win your case our lawyers will be right besides you in the appeals process.

*Prices subjected to increase in such a situation*