what is osteoporosis? where does it affect ? what causes osteoporosis ? can it happen all ages ? how does it impact your life ? treatment and prevention of osteoporosis ?

What is osteoporosis ?

osteoporosis is a medical condition, in which the bones become breakable and shaky.

due to the loss of tissue which is commonly a result of "hormonal changes or it's a lack of calcium or vitamin D . Both men and women are affected but it mostly happens to women, and in the US over 40 million people have osteoporosis or either there at a high risk because of low bone mass according to the national institutes of health .

Where does it affect?

1. osteoporosis affects everywhere in your body, however the breaks are most often in the hip, wrist, and spine and theirs another word for spine which is vertebrae.

osteoporosis in the spine / vertebrae can cause serious problems for women. When it becomes to serious even a sneeze or a cough can lead to a fracture, it can really impact your life.

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What causes osteoporosis?

2. Osteoporosis occurs when their is a imbalance between the new bone and the old bone. And also when theirs a lack of calcium. Other factors that can lead you to osteoporosis are drugs that are meant to be reduce the bone mass or such as other kinds of diseases or reduced sex hormones particularly in women (less estrogen after the menopause for example.)

osteoporosis (video)

3. This video below is for you too understand what causes osteoporosis, and how does it look like, and how does it function . So basically in this video, it gives you all the details (info) about osteoporosis

Can it happen all ages ?

4. Anybody can get osteoporosis but most likely to get osteoporosis is over the age of 40 when bones become weaker for example or like I said when theirs an imbalance between the new bone and the old bone if people under the age of 40 get osteoporosis than the reason behind might be the loss of calcium or vitamin D. Osteoporosis is most likely to happen to woman, rather than men, the older you are the greater the risk is to get osteoporosis. It also depends on your body size most likely if your small and thin then their are more chances of leading yourself too osteoporosis which leads to fractures means that it can really impact your life.

How does it impact your life ?

5. Well after going through lots of research and seeing some of the video's, to me i think it really impacts your life, not really able to move around if you want to move around you may get a fracture, during night when going to bed it may be hard for you to switch sides not able to participate in many kinds of activities you have to be alert the way your coughing or the way you sneeze if you sneeze or cough to hard you may bet yourself a fracture, so basically its really hard to live with osteoporosis .

treatment and prevention of osteoporosis

6. Get enough calcium, get enough vitamin D which is contained in egg yolks, saltwater fish

stop smocking because that affects a number of factors including reducing women's estrogen levels. But other than that theirs isn't any treatment for example people usually get operated for the disease they have but an operation isn't the cure for osteoporosis .

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