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Cardboard Chaos!

I just can't begin to tell you how proud I am of all of your children/my students!! They continue to surprise me with their strong work ethics and enthusiasm for new challenges! These kids come in daily with aggressive eagerness to power through every new adventure set before them. My time with them truly brightens and enlightens my world! We are working hard to complete our arcade games for our November event. Many of you (myself included) have had your own children choose to bring their projects home to work on over a weekend so their game would turn out just the way they want it! I had one mom email me this weekend to tell me how much fun it has been watching her son think through making the game work well. I love hearing about families working together in this way! I think these moments are so beneficial to the family unit! How great is that!?! I also want to express my gratitude for your patience with loading the projects in and out of your cars each week. Again, from a parent's perspective with my own Quest child, I know it's not always easy! Trust me, I feel like we have been taken over by complete cardboard chaos... and we are LOVING it!!

A Note About Tickets and Prizes

Many students have asked if they can bring their own game tickets and prizes. As a GT team we have decided to handle tickets and prizes in this way:

  • We will provide game tickets to any students who want them for their games.
  • If students want to make or bring game tickets, they are more than welcome to do so!
  • We will provide small prizes or candy to students to give to their their customers.
  • If students wish to bring prizes from home, they may do so ONLY with their parents' permission. We will send home a permission slip for students who want to bring their own prizes. These prizes should only be garage sale type toys that your child no longer wants, but a younger child might enjoy. We will be inviting 1st and 2nd grade GT students to this event.

Supply Needs

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have sent items for students to use to make their Roocade games!! For those interested in helping here are our current needs:

Austin- packing tape and duct tape

Seguin- large and small hot glue gun sticks

We are going through these items like crazy! The good news is... our games are looking AMAZING!

We are good on the cardboard boxes. We have plenty and the kids get disappointed when we have to throw them away. Not a wasteful group for sure!

Pictures Tell a Story...

Quest newsletters will be sent every 2-4 weeks for class updates!


Student academic competitions are gearing up. Our first math competition for 3rd and 4th grades will take place this week and these will continue throughout the year. Students have selected two competitions from a wide range of choices and work for an hour during Quest class each week to prepare themselves. Some choices include: math, art, social projects, and UIL academic competitions. One of our goals through this program is to develop independent thinkers, researchers, communicators, and learners. The kids have heard me repeat this phrasing to them often and they are doing an exceptional job implementing this philosophy as they prepare for their competitions! I have told them they are welcome to take binders home this year if they would like to work on these preparations at home as well. They all have competition work logs in these binders with dates and notes about what they have been doing to prepare for each competition. They should be able to share this information with you. Many have chosen to compete in the UIL competition. Since this is our first year to travel to one of these competitions, we are still in the process of working out the details to provide the best outcome for our students. I will let you know as soon as I find out more information. Visit the links page on my website: for student resources.