My Life Map

Omar's LIfe

My proactive decision,

  • The one proactive decision i made in my life was to work hard and achieve the goals i have always aimed for my future career.
  • The decision that made me an agent of change was to stick to my decision, be responsible and follow the right path for a successful and bright future.
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My personal development achievement.

  • The social achievement i had in my life was to interact with people and get to know their personality more and more through social media like Facebook,Instagram, twitter and other social medias. The other reason is that i wanted to interact with people who i knew i could trust in any possible way.
  • The emotional development i made in life was, when i was a kid i used to cry and get emotional over small things that was not even worth it but now that i am a teen age i know my responsibilities and am not an emotional person anymore due to all the experiences i have had in my life.
  • I have achieved lots of experiences in my life in both positive and negative ways that people do not know about. like dealing with different kind of good and bad people with lots of school issues.
  • The physical change i have now is that i used to be very skinny but now i am a little bit better than when i was 10 years old. the reason for that is because now i try to do more physical work out because it keep me healthy and also is good to have a better physical body appearance.
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Adolescent Development Tasks Addressed by Me.

  • I have changed a lot through out my life, my body has now grown, i look different and am more self reliable. reason for that is now i can take care of myself and my parents does not need to look over me, because now i am a grown up and know what i am doing in my life.
  • I now go to the gym and work out and now i am more stronger physically.
  • i participate in social events which is good for me to get to know more people and learn more about their personality.
  • I am always independent , i don't need my dads financial support because i work my self and pay for my school and daily needs. and i am also responsible for what i do in order to have either a good or bad future depending on how hard i work.
  • I have tried to use resources in school, my job and at home that i have available in order to get all the experiences i need for my career in the future.
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  • I see my self as a healthy and physically fit person because of the fact that i don't smoke or drink alcohol but i play sports instead.
  • The person i want to be like in my life would be Christiano Ronaldo my favorite soccer player of all time, he has been an ideal person in my life cause i always wanted to be a good soccer player and be loved by millions of people around the world.
  • I am really good in having a good and friendly relation with people around me and have them appreciate my behavior and respect to them which includes my family, friends, teachers and co-workers.
  • I always like to share ideas that i know would benefit someone else along with me and always want to be a part of group because verity of ideas would come to a good and successful decision making.
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  • Respect is one of the most important element of my life, Respecting people around you would give you back respect. I always respected my parents, friends, teachers and my work place and this made my life easier cause now i have no issue in my life.
  • I always make sure that if something that's about to be decided is fair to both sides so that one person doesn't get what the other person deserves. People should always be treated equally and decision should always be made fairly so its fair for both sides.
  • Responsibility is something very important/ if i am not responsible i wont be successful in my life and i would be facing life problems.
  • I always want to gain peoples trust with being honest with them. if someone trusts you for one thing they would trust for for anything and i always want to keep it that way because it takes years to build trust but it takes seconds to loose trust forever in life,
  • my family, dad and mom always cared about me their whole life so now its my turn to be responsible and take care of them till they are alive and make sure they are always happy and that they enjoy their life till the end.
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  1. I have money that can help me pay for my school, life and college needs.
  2. i learned how to manage time because i had to work part time, i had to attend school, do my homework and take care of my family.
  3. i have the support of my dad if i ever need financial needs in my life but i never want to ask him. but basically he is always there for me.

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Reflect On The Map

i incorporated the learning skills and things i need to know in order to be successful in the future. all this includes working hard, and achieve goals i have set in order to have a successful future. The reason why i designed my map this way is because the map represents the way i have planned to follow all the steps in order, from step one to last step so that i can achieve my goals, and make my dreams come true.

Reflect on my status up "to date".

At this time i have not achieved any of the goals i have set, the reason for that is because i am planning and setting my goals for my future because i am still in high school but i am trying to improve all my skills, and try as hard as i can to achieve those goals and earn what i deserve in my life.

In my life i have had good and bad life experience but i am not complaining about it because it makes me more strength to fight it and learn how to solve problem, i consider that as another learning skill.