Cougar Band Update

Virtual Learning Week #4

Welcome to WEEK #4 of Virtual Learning!

As always, we hope everyone is safe and healthy. As we progress through these uncharted waters, we have decided to re-think our approach to the upcoming weeks. We want to take this opportunity to outline our goals and objectives for the rest of the year.

Our objectives are to develop the band community and the individual practice skills sets it takes to allow us to accelerate faster upon our return.

By focusing on these objectives, we believe we can take advantage of the situation (glass half full) and teach skills that will not only help us progress, but can also be transferred to other academic classes.

The one constant we have seen is that everyone's situation is different. If there is ANYTHING we can do to help or make things easier from our end, please do not hesitate to ask. We do everything we can to anticipate all situations, but if we over look an issue, please contact us. We are here to help all of our students during this time.


We will continue to use a variety of ways to reach our Coyle families. These include:
-Remind 101 ( code: coylemsb

-Charms ( school code: coylemsband student area password: your student ID (add the letter s in front if you have logged in before)

-Skyward (

-Google Classroom (we are using the SPRING semester classes for all students; Percussion will use their specific Percussion classes that have been active)


Continuing this week, ALL assignments will be submitted via Google Classroom. This will allow parents to see how their student is doing through the Google Classroom progress reports. Students should log into Google Classroom DAILY.

Some assignments will still require Smart Music, but they will be officially submitted through Google Classroom as a video. Please continue to login to smart music with this information: ( Username: student school email address; Password: Smartmusic

Virtual Classes

GISD has chosen to use Google Meets for a lot of virtual learning. Students are expected to be professional in every meeting/lesson. Every online event will be recorded. This includes not only your audio/video but also student comments in the chat section.

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We want to see which section has the HIGHEST ATTENDANCE this week in our scheduled Google Meets! Make sure you arrive a few minutes early to ALL of your Band Google Meets to help you section WIN! The section with the highest percentage of students in attendance will receive a personalized decal in the mail, courtesy of Mrs. McHenry. TEXT your section friends, and make sure they attend!

This Week's Coyle Band Schedule


Audition music has been released to ALL students! In order to help all of our students prepare for May auditions, all students will work together based on GRADE LEVEL.

*Woodwinds include: Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone

*Brass includes: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

Our schedule for WEEK 4 of Virtual Band Class is as follows:

MONDAY & WEDNESDAY (same schedule for both days)

  • 1:00PM 6th AND 7th Grade *WOODWINDS
  • 2:00PM 6th AND 7th Grade *BRASS

TUESDAY & THURSDAY (same schedule for both days)

  • 12:00PM 7th Grade Percussion
  • 12:30PM 8th Grade Percussion
  • 1:00PM 8th Grade *WOODWINDS
  • 2:00PM 8th Grade *BRASS

WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY (same schedule for both days)

  • 11:30AM: 6th Grade PERCUSSION

THURSDAY 8th grade Percussion Drumline Clinics (incoming RHS PERCUSSION ONLY)

  • 1:00PM Snares
  • 1:00PM Tenors
  • 1:30PM Basses
  • 1:30PM Front Ensemble

In addition to the above CLASS schedule, your band directors will have OFFICE HOURS for students to "meet" for any questions. Beginning woodwinds & brass may also play scale pass-offs during scheduled office hours.

Mrs. McHenry: 10:00-11:00AM daily

Mr. Lira: 11:00AM-12:00PM daily

Mr. McHenry: 7:30-9AM & 2-2:30PM daily

Google Meets NORMS

We need to make sure our students are following the expectations we set for them. Please be sure to adhere to the following expectations:

  • Do your very best to be in a QUIET environment.
  • Use headphones if you have them.
  • Press "mute" (left button under your video) BEFORE joining any Meet.
  • Wear school-appropriate clothing.
  • If you are using the (preferred) video feature, we must be able to see your face and hands--especially when we are playing!
  • Setup your practice area to promote great playing posture. Use a chair (no bed) and music stand if at all possible.
  • Again, all Google Meets will be recorded, so conduct yourself in a way that will represent you and the school in a positive light.
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Spring Placements are coming!

Whether you are in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, EVERY band student will perform their placement in May. EVERY CHILD HAS A PLACE IN BAND next year, but we need to make sure everyone is in the correct placement for the fall schedule. All audition/placement music is located in Google Classroom under "scanned music".

Current 6th & 7th grade students will be submitting placement VIDEOS in Google Classroom the week of May 4th. Rubrics and other details will be posted within the next week, so check Google Classroom for updates!

Current 8th grade students will complete this process based on their HIGH SCHOOL assignment. Incoming Rowlett HS students discussed this in last week's classes with RHS Band directors. Students will follow the below schedule as indicated by RHS directors. All other students should be checking their High School Band websites for details regarding auditions/placements.

Have a question about this process? Email Mr. Lira or Mrs. McHenry or join us during our office hours any day. We are happy to help!

8th graders headed to ROWLETT HS: Please Read!

Mr. Ruangtip, Mr. Rivera, and Mr. McHenry shared the following document with us all last week. Please save the dates for upcoming summer/fall events AND check out their band website for updated info:
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8th grade forms DUE NOW

We need the following students to submit the 8th grade form ( as soon as possible:

Angelica B.

Ivaan B.

Romina C

Caleb C.

Bryce H.

Yasmine H.

Michael L.

Ramon M.

Josias O.

Josue P.

Juan R.

Natalie R.

Jessica R.

Juan T.

Angelo T.

Calep V.

Austin W.

This information allows our high school band directors to plan based on your answers. Thank you for taking the time to submit this very important information!


We recommend that our students practice 30 minutes daily to maintain and progress through this time of virtual learning.

Practice Records are now DIGITAL. Students will receive credit for practicing by submitting this form:

Students are urged to submit EVERY time they practice; however, students may submit the week's combined practice time by FRIDAY each week.

Band Fees

We will still be collecting band fees. Statements will be emailed out weekly. At this time, Paypal is the only way to pay. We know that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on some families' financial situation. We completely understand. If a family is in a financial crisis because of the virus, we will hold off on collecting fees. It is important that we take care of the financials, but it is more important for families to take care of themselves. Most of the fees involved items and services that have already been provided. We trust each and every parent and child to pay what they can when they can. The CMS band program is a family and we will conduct ourselves in this manner.

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Our new website is ALMOST ready to go live!

We have been working to update our website for all CMS Band families and inform new families of what to expect for the upcoming school year. Visit in the next several days to check it out!

Are you receiving REMIND texts from us?!?

Go to (or download the app) to join our CMS Band Remind: @coylemsb

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Private lessons are one of the keys to a successful band program!

Our lesson staff is made up of professional musicians who specialize in your child's instrument. This is quite an interesting time for everyone, including lesson teachers and students! Many of our teachers are continuing to teach our students using different technology platforms such as FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, etc. Right now is a FANTASTIC time to add lessons to your weekly schedule! Contact your child's lesson teacher to get setup for virtual private lessons! Find their contact info here:

CLICK HERE to update your contact information!

This is where you can view the updated band calendar, update your contact info, make payments, and much more! school code: coylemsband student area password: GISD ID number (when prompted, add the letter "s" in front of your child's ID number)