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Coal Energy

Where is coal energy found?

Coal energy is found Coal reserves are available in almost every country world wide, with recoverable reserves in around 70 countries. Biggest reserves are in USA, Russia, China, India.

How is coal energy resource formed?

Coal energy was formed from millions of years ago when the earth was covered with huge swampy forests where plants like giant ferns, reeds of mosses grew. As the plants grew some died and fell into the swamp waters. New plants grew up to take their places and when these died still more grew.

How is the coal energy resource used?

Coal is classified in to four types or ranks based on carbon and heat content. The general rule is that the higher the grade of coal, the cleaner it burns and more the versatile its uses.
Coal 101

What are some cool facts and statistics that I found.

That coal was formed about 300 million years ago. Also coal can be burned for heating or to produce electricity. To convert thermal coal to electricity, it is first milled to a fine powder, which increases the surface area and allows it to burn more quickly.

What is one innovative alternative energy form I discovered include image and description

An innovative alternative source of energy to coal is wind.
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Underground Coal Mining

Here's a vidio about under ground coal mineing.

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